In this process we digitally print the entire fabric panels of garments before they are manufactured. The process only works on 100% polyester fabrics, so is mostly used for sports uniforms, although there are a range of other uses.

We always start with white fabric, so team names, sponsors, individual names, numbers and the background design itself are all printed in one application. This gives amazing freedom to create a truly one of a kind uniform with few limitations.

The final product is a print that penetrates into the fabric, so can’t be felt, it is vibrant and never seems to fade.

As all garments need to first have the design created, then be printed, then manufactured, the process takes longer than our other services. Usual turnaround is around 3-4 weeks for a new design of 2-3 weeks for a reorder.


Digital Transfers are essentially the same as Vinyl Cut Transfers except that the vinyl gets digitally printed as well as being cut.

We print these using an Ink Jet Solvent Printer, which is the same machine that we used to create sign written photos on vehicles & signage. Although these inks are waterproof, we find that the abrasive nature of washing machines means that the colour gradually fades each wash.

That said, these can be a good option for very small runs, when a design is full or high colour. Especially if the items are only required for a few trade shows or to get through one season of sports.

If you’re planning on putting a colour photo of your Dad on a t-shirt for his birthday, then this is the method for you!


Heat Press Vinyl comes in a range of basic colours, which are cut with a computer guided blade, essentially forming stickers, which are then heat pressed onto the garment.

This method is most commonly used for individual names and sports numbers, where individual Screen Prints would not be cost effective.

It is also useful for text or basic designs, when only a very small number are required. They do however look a little “stuck on” when compared to an actual Screen Print, so we usually recommend Screen Printing where possible.